The NFC North is the Best Division in Football

Every division has a good team, some have a great team, but no other division has 4 good all-around teams.

The Bears just took down the Vikings in a dominating defensive performance. The Vikings and Bears have only lost within the division (both lost to Green Bay, Vikes lost to the Bears). The Lions took the Chiefs to the wire without 5 starters on defense. The Packers were unfortunate to lose to a desperate Eagles team.

Before the season started, I thought the Vikings would be the cream of the crop, with the Bears, Lions, and Packers all sitting around .500. After the first quarter of the season, I just don't think it's possible. There is no division with better defense being played. Offensively, it's Green Bay, Detroit, Minnesota, .. , and eventually Chicago. The biggest surprise to me is how good Green Bay has been defensively. This is not ideal for me (being a Bears fan), but they were the weak link in the division the last two years, especially on defense. They look like a super bowl team so far.

It's early, sure, but this division has 4 teams that I could easily see winning the division, and I mean that in the best way possible. Not "who knows which clown will fall out of the car first" like the AFC South. Every team looks like a legitimate playoff team.

But again, it's early. This is the first quarter of the season in the books. They could all fall apart horrifically. And with Trubisky blowing his shoulder out today, it's possible the Bears could completely fall off, becoming one-dimensional on offense and putting their defense into untenable situations. It's also possible that the Lions will become more Lion-like and start inexplicably losing games they shouldn't. And who really knows what the Vikings can do with Kurt Kuz? I think Case Keenum is a better QB and he just got benched.

For now, though, I'm going to take pleasure in being a fan of THE BEST TEAM (not in first place) IN THE BEST DIVISION IN THE TOP TIER OF FOOTBALL.