College Football

2021 College Football Rankings Week 6-7

Nothing major happened this week in the top ranks, right? Uhh..

#1 - Georgia Bulldogs

I thought Auburn might give them a tougher time, but it wasn't happening.

#2 - Oklahoma Paperclips 📎

They haven't looked impressive all year, but the win against Texas took guts. It also helps that they finally benched Rattler. Man, he's bad.

#3 - Iowa Hawkeyes

This is a very generous ranking because they definitely were going to lose to PSU if Clifford stayed in the game. It took all they could muster to beat up on the middle school QB PSU put out there for over half of the game. I expect Iowa to continue winning until the B1G championship when they are unceremoniously blasted by Ohia State.

#4 - Penn State Knitting Lions

I'm not really dropping them much for what happened. They lost their starting QB and were on their way to blowing Iowa out. They only get behind them because they did lose ultimately.

#5 - Alabama Crimson Tide

They lost, how can they stay up this high!? They had some flukey plays go against them and A&M finally played a complete game. But I don't see them losing again until maybe the SEC title game. This is a talented and well-coached team.

#6 - Cincinnati Bearcats

The Notre Dame win looks less impressive as ND struggles with basically everybody, but at least they're still winning in dominant fashion.

#7 - Michigan State Spartans

Some early struggles there against Rutgers, but they pulled it together in the end. There were some absolutely ridiculous long pass TDs in that.

#8 - Michigan Wolverines

You might think "wow they fell in your rankings after winning?" but they struggled against Nebraska. Say what you want about the Huskers, but they've lost 4 games including to Illinois. They're not very good. Michigan had a tough go with them and Rutgers. I think they're pretenders, but until they lose, here they are..

#9 - Oklahoma State Cowboys

Congrats on having a bye week and moving up.

#10 - Oregon

Another team who benefitted from having a week off. Good job, Ducks.

Another week in the books. Next week's big games: Kentucky @ Georgia. Oklahoma State @ Texas.

Check back next week to see where YOUR team is ranked (or not).