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Points Pick’em

Throughout the season, the LUCK NUNU SPORTS staff will pick one team each week. Points will then be assigned based on the spread.

Scoring Breakdown

Underdog wins outright: 5 points
Favorite wins and covers: 3 points
Underdog covers: 2 points
Favorite wins (doesn’t cover): 1 point Favorite/Underdog loses: 0 points

Scoring Breakdown (by example!)

Demi Beignet picks the NY Jets (+3) over the Buffalo Bills. The final score is NY 21 – BUF 14. That is worth 5 points because the Jets were underdogs and won outright.

Crambular picks the New England Patriots (-7) over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The final score is NE 33 – PIT 3. That is worth 3 points because the Patriots won and covered.

Sunblisters picks the Miami Dolphins (+13) over the Carolina Panthers. The final score is CAR 10 – MIA 3. That is worth 2 points because the Dolphins beat the spread (and lost).

Jimmy Taco picks the Cleveland Browns (-6) over the Arizona Cardinals. The final score is CLE 13 – ARZ 10. That is worth 1 point because the favored team won but did not cover.