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The Luck Nunu Team

We are a small team of untalented pseudo-soothsayers with a very narrow range of skills and expertise. You can bet your life savings on ANY of our predictions and never feel like you lost. You will absolutely lose all of your money, but after the first time, there’s nothing left to lose.


Imagine watching and playing sports for years and still having no idea what will happen. Imagine no more, this is the living embodiment of that sad idea.

Favorites: Chicago Bears, Florida Gators
Golden Boogs: NONE


Go Jeeeets! In my sheets?

Sam Darnold will give you one of two looks. 1. I have no idea wtf I’m doing. 2. I have no idea wtf I’m doing, smile!

Favorites: New York Jets
Golden Boogs: 2021


Is that you, Big Ronnie?

Favorites: San Francisco 49ers, Penn State Nittany Lions
Golden Boogs: 2019

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