College Football

2021 College Football Rankings Week 8-9

Another boring weekend. Let's see what happened!

#1 - Georgia Bulldogs

Kentucky didn't have enough on offense to keep up. I thought they had enough on defense to hold Georgia back, though. It didn't work out that way, and Georgia dominated the game.

#2 - Alabama Crimson Tide

They didn't spend a long time waiting in the shadows.

#3 - Oregon Ducks

Quite a good win against UCLA. I think they're better than Michigan and MSU, so up they go.

#4 - Baylor Bears

Look who benefits from clunky teams ahead of them!

#5 - Ohia State Buckeyes

Is Michigan going to be able to stop them? Probably not. Which means Michigan will probably have to pass a little bit. Not confident in that.

#6 - Michigan Wolverines

Solid defense, but their offense remains a question mark.

#7 - Michigan State Spartans

Nothing to report, sir.

#8 - Oklahoma Sooners

You can't play this closely to Kansas. You just can't.

#9 - Ole Miss Rebels

That early loss to Alabama might not hurt them too much.

#10 - Pitt Panthers

The Panthers may have a baffling loss to Western Michigan, but they're playing well. Now to see if they can win the ACC..

Another week in the books.

Check back next week to see where YOUR team is ranked (or not).