Big Ten Week In Review

Each conference has their power tier teams, a middle tier, and then.. the rest. The Big Ten is no different. We'll go tier by tier and see if any teams have shifted each week. Coming into this week, that tiered system went as follows:

Tier 1: Ohia State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Iowa

Tier 2: Michigan, Indiana, Michigan State, Northwestern

Tier 3: Minnesota, Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Nebraska, Purdue

Tier 1

Ohia State

Well there's the first loss. I feel like there's a reason OSU doesn't really like to play big out of conference games. They seem to lose them all. Oregon, missing 5 defensive starters, went to Columbus at 9am their time and dominated that Buckeye defense. The Buckeyes put up yards but couldn't finish drives. They desperately need to figure out how to stop the run.

Tier movement: none

Penn State

Beat up a weak MAC team, but they still beat them up! Next week is Auburn, so we'll see what PSU is made of.

Tier movement: none


Iowa made Iowa State look like a MAC team. I knew one of them was overrated, and my thought was that it was more ISU than Iowa. Guess I was right. Iowa has a great defense and their offense is a bit underrated.

Tier movement: none


Not much to say from a game against a weak opponent. They won, and that's enough.

Tier movement: none

Tier 2


Michigan passed for 44 yards and won by 21 points. Their run game was way more than Washington could handle. I'm not trying to take away from what Michigan has done, but I need to see a bit more before they jump to Tier 1. They have a few weeks before going to Wisconsin to make any real waves.

Tier movement: none


Hey, they beat an FCS team! Good job.

Tier movement: none

Michigan State

They beat an FCS team this week. Not much to say.

Tier movement: none


Are you sensing a pattern? It was another FCS team.

Tier movement: none

Tier 3


Woof, struggling with a MAC team is not a good way to get your season on the right track. At least we can see why OSU got beat by the Ducks.

Tier movement: none


Dear lord this game was awful. It was 0-0 midway through the 3rd quarter. Both teams looked like they didn't want to win, or even play. But you know what, they beat an ACC team, so that's cool.

Tier movement: none


FCS Beatdown.

Tier movement: none


Another bad team, another .. ehh.. win? for the Huskers. Next week is Oklahoma, so expect a little sadness.

Tier movement: none


I don't know if it's fair to call UConn a football team, let alone an FBS one. They're worse than most FCS teams. This game showed me nothing.

Tier movement: none


How does Illinois drop to the bottom of the B1G when they beat Nebraska? Well, losing to UTSA and getting trucked by Virginia will do that to you. Meanwhile the Huskers have won 2 in a row.

Tier movement: none