Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End (2007)

Last Watch Date - September 13, 2022
Total Times Watched - Once


When you watch a sequel, you expect certain things. An awful, corny story is tops. A bad, awkward cast. A ton of kills (because why else are you here?). Maybe a little nudity. Guess what.. this movie has all of those things.

Let's start with the story! I'm not giving away too many details here, but the basic gist is that they're going to film a reality TV survive-in-the-woods type of thing. But their location I suppose was not ideal, given they picked the only land filled with cannibals. Whoopsie daisy! They all start dying as expected. The worst part of the story is the "there are cameras everywhere and people keep missing that there are people dying somehow" overplayed plot point. This has been going for years and it still sucks.

The cast is not quite as bad as you might expect. The dialogue is pretty terrible and you have a lot of paper-thin, cheesy ass characters. But you also have some veterans in here with Henry Rollins and Erica Leerhsen. You may remember her from Blair Witch 2 or TCM (2003). The cannibal actors are .. uhh I guess what you'd expect.

There are some pretty good kills here mixed with a lot of "meh" and expected ones. Someone gets cut in half vertically, axes to the head, blown up with dynamite, and lots of other silliness. If you want blood, you got it! - ACDC - Me. And hey, you get to see a pair of boobaloobaloobies in one part. Cool?

This movie has a ton of positive reviews from critics which I find kind of interesting. It is objectively bad, but it is entertaining I suppose. There is literally zero tension in this movie. There's no build-up to anything and the characters are so shitty that you don't really care about any of them in any fashion. You're kind of waiting for them to die. There's a bit of a stereotypical RAMBO MAN moment in here that .. well.. was also expected.

One other annoyance is that in some scenes, the cannibals speak relatively normally, but there is a part where they're saying some sort of dinner prayer and it's a bunch of weird grunting. Why do they all of a sudden lose the ability to form words coherently? They're not drunk or anything. It's over-the-top and really stupid.


Uh, no. If you liked Wrong Turn, you'll see some familiar faces, but it's played up a very different way.

3 Meat Grinders out of 10

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