Wrong Turn 3 (2009)

Last Watch Date - July 18, 2023
Total Times Watched - Once


I wouldn't consider myself a fan of the Wrong Turn series, though I did enjoy the first one. If I remember, the second was ok. It was probably more on the bad side of mediocre. I never bothered watching 3, 4, 5, or whatever else there is out there. I figured they'd be awful. 3 was direct-to-video at a time when video rental stores were starting to die, so how good could it really be?

The answer to that question is "not." It is NOT good. They truly put the special in special effects. It looks horrific and not in a "wow horror movie horrific" sort of way. More in a "school assignment that I postponed until the last minute" sort of way. Maybe I can pretend it was a school assignment and it will feel better.

No, it didn't work. This movie shouldn't exist. The story is so stupid. It's connected to Wrong Turn by the cannibals and that's it. Nothing else has anything to do with the story or even area it took place in. I looked this movie up and they filmed it in Bulgaria. I guess that's basically the West Virginia of Europe, so it turns out I'm the idiot. Not for that, but for watching this movie in the first place.

Listen, if you're going to make a bad movie, at least make it entertaining. This one made me feel like I was going to fall asleep. It was as thrilling as the teacup ride at your local carnival. Actually, those are more thrilling because they're cobbled together by meth addicts that work part-time to support their crippling addictions.

Can we be done with this now?


No. Skip it. Forget it exists. Ignore it. Just don't bother with it.

2 Convicts out of 10