Halloween Kills (2021)

Last Watch Date - October 16, 2021
Total Times Watched - 1


This is probably one of the better sequels out there because they know what they're doing and they go all-in on it. There are some really awesome kills and the pacing is tight. Things start to fall apart a little bit during the hospital sequence, and the plot is a mess throughout when you look at it from a logical standpoint. Michael has some sort of supernatural powers in this one too, given how he magically survives what he does. I wasn't stoked with the ending of this movie, but I understand that they want to tell the rest of this story milk this for even more money.


Hmm, probably if you like slashers and don't care about the plot making sense. This has so many fun kills and scenes that it's hard not to enjoy from a purely entertainment standpoint.

6 Firemen out of 10