Mini Review

Stowaway (2021)

Last Watch Date - May 5, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


If you read my mini reviews, you already know why I picked this movie. A space capsule with problems and no obvious solutions?! Yes, please. This movie has only a few people in it which can be GREAT and does build some really good tension through relationships, but the pacing gets a bit too slow and ultimately sinks this from what it could've been. This is another example of a 2 hour movie that really doesn't need to be that long. You only have 4 characters, you can build this up and make it tense without spending excessive amounts of time on what is effectively b-roll. The acting was fine if not good, so that's a positive.


Not really. Because of how it plods on for seemingly forever and there isn't any real immediate danger for any of the movie, it's not worth the watch.

5 Algae Experiments out of 10