FBS Playoff Seeding Predictions

We've hit the 9 or 10-game mark for most teams now in FBS college football. The committee put their initial rankings out last week, with their new rankings coming out tomorrow. It's time to take a look forward and see who is in the mix and how their schedule may play out.


In the mix: Clemson

Remaining games: Wake Forest, @South Carolina, ACC Championship game (likely VT, possibly Miami)

Prediction: Clemson wins out handily. Likely #2 or #3 seed.


In the mix: Ohio State, Penn State, Minnesota

Remaining games:

  • Ohio State: @Rutgers, Penn State, @Michigan
  • Penn State: Indiana, @Ohio State, Rutgers
  • Minnesota: @Iowa, @Northwestern, Wisconsin


  • Ohio State likely wins out, facing Wisconsin in the B1G title game (and winning). Likely #1 or #2 seed.
  • Penn State loses to Ohio State and is out with 2 losses
  • Minnesota loses to Iowa and Wisconsin, giving Wisconsin the B1G West

Big 12

In the mix: Oklahoma, Baylor

Remaining games:

  • Oklahoma: @Baylor, TCU, @Oklahoma State
  • Baylor: Oklahoma, Texas, @Kansas


  • Oklahoma beats Baylor and TCU, loses to Oklahoma State, but beats Texas (again) in the Big 12 title game. Out with 2 losses
  • Baylor loses to Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. Their lucky streak runs out.

Pac 12

In the mix: Oregon, Utah

Remaining games:

  • Oregon: Arizona, @Arizona State, Oregon State
  • Utah: UCLA, @Arizona, Colorado


  • Oregon wins out, facing Utah in the conference title game and winning a close game. Likely finishes #4 or #5.
  • Utah beats UCLA, Arizona, and Colorado, losing to Oregon in the Pac 12 title game.


In the mix: LSU, Alabama, Georgia

Remaining games:

  • LSU: @Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas A&M
  • Alabama: @Miss State, Western Carolina, @Auburn
  • Georgia: @Auburn, Texas A&M, @Georgia Tech


  • LSU beats Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Texas A&M, going to the SEC title game to play Georgia and winning. Likely #1 or #2.
  • Alabama wins out, sitting at 11-1 and likely #4 or #5.
  • Georgia loses to Auburn, beats A&M and Georgia Tech before losing to LSU in the SEC title game. 3 losses and out.

If these scenarios play out, it seems difficult to leave Oregon out in favor of Oklahoma or Alabama. Oklahoma would have two losses in this scenario (and has struggled recently). Alabama will have no marquee wins. Oregon will have a last second loss to Auburn on a "neutral" field in the first game and a win over top-10 Utah.

Final playoff team predictions:

  1. LSU
  2. Ohio State
  3. Clemson
  4. Oregon

I would expect LSU to beat Oregon (close), Clemson to beat Ohio State, with Clemson beating LSU in the championship game.

Throw your hard earned dollars on Clemson now!