Mini Review

Europa Report (2013)

Last Watch Date - August 15, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


A pretty good take on the space exploration theme. The graphics were pretty low budget and corny looking, but it doesn't actually spoil it as such. It just felt a bit off at times because of it. Most of the movie takes place inside of a space vessel so you'd think they'd have more money for that stuff. The movie is a mix of a thriller, scifi, drama, exploration, and space, which is a pretty cool combo if you ask ME. Overall quality is not great but decent, and even though the cast is not spectacular, they do a fair enough job. There are quite a few EXTREME CLOSE-UPS on faces that I found annoying, but that's a bit of a nitpick. The theme itself is so cool that it makes up for a lot of the crummy bits.


It's tough to say I recommend it when there are better movies in this genre, but I did enjoy it overall. So, yeah, I mean if you're bored and want something that's pretty good, this is it.

6 Moons out of 10