Blair Witch (2016)

Last Watch Date - May 31, 2021
Total Times Watched - One time, which is way too many


If any movie needs a remake or reboot, it's NOT Blair Witch. This franchise already had an uneven, flawed sequel that went over like a lead balloon, so why not add a NEW sequel to it and somehow try to really shit on it? That's what I imagine the thought process as they put this together. I expected nothing new or interesting and yet this was somehow still disappointing. It ignores the Book of Shadows sequel altogether and seems to think it is doing something cool here, but it is actively awful. It's brutal. The things it takes from The Blair Witch Project are .. uh, the jerkiness of the camera and some of the storyline. That's.. it. TBWP was interesting because it was the first BIG found footage movie, but that genre is oversaturated and has been done better by now. Blair Witch brings nothing to the genre.


No. Avoid this.

2 Videos out of 10