Trollhunter (2010)

Last Watch Date - May 9, 2021
Total Times Watched - Thrice?


A movie about trolls. Not like Donald Trump Pepe trolls, and not even like treasure trolls. But Old Timey Norsk trolls. The special effects are surprisingly good for what I can only assume is a PRETTY LOW budget. The scenery in Norway looks amazing and really makes me want to go there, but it's an expensive country and they don't need any fat Americans hanging out there really. I wonder if they'd mistake me for a troll..? Let's get back on task here: the trolls are cool and interesting. The cast is pretty decent overall. The story moves along at a pretty good pace. It's a solid movie!


I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it, but if you happen to stumble upon it and think "hmm should I?" just do it. As long as you can handle subtitles, that is.

6 Trolls out of 10

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