Tonight She Comes (2016)

Last Watch Date - April 21, 2022
Total Times Watched - 1


When reading horror recommendation threads, it's always a good idea to do some background checks on WHO is giving the recs. Are they someone you would want to hear recs from? Are they even remotely sensible? In this case, I didn't do that and so here I am, watching this fucking movie.

I feel genuinely awful for the main actress who has to be the killer. She's nude pretty much the entire movie. It's probably one of those things you read on paper and are like "yeah I'm comfortable with my body, who cares" but then you realize you're going to be doing this shit at night, in the cold, in the water, etc and you're immediately rethinking why you ever said yes to begin with. This is basically how I feel as I was watching it - why did I say yes to this? It has some of the worst acting I've seen, and I've watched the Children of the Corn sequels. There is a little blurb that tries to sell it as "It Follows" meets "Cabin Fever" and I kinda-sorta get what they're saying, but also this movie is no where near as good as either of those.. and I don't like either of those movies. It's a bit all over the place. Does it want to be a weird haunted/zombie movie or does it want to be a weird hillbilly/demon movie? In the end, you won't care. You'll want it to be a movie that ends.


No. No. Nooooo. It's really stupid. But if you're like 13 and want to see some cool oobies, that one girl is naked the whole damn movie.

2 Nipples out of 10