Mini Review

Pandorum (2009)

Last Watch Date - June 27, 2021
Total Times Watched - Hmm, three? Four?


Earth is overpopulated and we need to colonize another planet. That's the first thing you learn as this movie kicks off. Flash Forward to Ben Foster (get it.. because he was on that show. Good reference!) waking up from space sleep and.. oh no, things are not going well. What exactly is happening on this ship!? I love the feeling of constant confusion, of being "hunted," and of sci-fi sketchiness. This movie was panned by critics (at best), but it's entertaining. The acting is good, the pacing is good, and.. it's good. The story is way more interesting than some other space survival horror.


Yeah! You're unlikely to get bored watching this.

7 Dennis Quaids out of 10