ACC Week In Review

Each conference has their power tier teams, a middle tier, and then.. the rest. The ACC is no different. We'll go tier by tier and see if any teams have shifted each week. Coming into this week, that tiered system went as follows:

Tier 1: Clemson, North Carolina, Miami

Tier 2: Florida State, Virginia Tech, NC State, Pittsburgh, Virginia

Tier 3: Louisville, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Duke

Tier 1


FCS blowout. 💤

Tier movement: none

Tier 2

Virginia Tech

Middle Tennessee State is not exactly a game you guy pumped up for. But they won, so, I guess that's something. I expected a letdown after beating UNC last week, but they played well and it was never in doubt.

Tier movement: none

North Carolina

Nice bounceback game against a bad team. They're down a tier after last week, but they can make it back up if they continue to win.

Tier movement: -1


Miami is lucky to be 1-1 right now. App State gave them all they could handle, but they were lucky enough to hang on at the end. I need to see more out of Miami in the next few games. They have way too much talent to be this mediocre.

Tier movement: -1


Good win for Pitt, but they can't be feeling good about their defensive performance. Tennessee is not a good team and this could've gone their way. 41 points on offense is great! 34 points against is NOT. They need to tighten things up on D.

Tier movement: none


Wahoos doing their part to keep Bret Bielema off of his wife. Her bones must be shells of splintered calcium at this point. Illinois is a bad team, but UVA had a balanced attack and played really well on defense. This could be an interesting season.

Tier movement: none

NC State

Block someone. Block someone!!! 31 yards in sacks is unreal. Even with that, they outgained the Bulldogs and still lost. Not just lost, but lost by 2 TDs. Figure out the offensive line. Figure out how to run the ball.

Tier movement: none

Tier 3

Florida State

This was the worst loss in the history of FSU football. Norvell continues to make mystifyingly bone-headed coaching decisions and it costs his team. The fact is, though, that JSU shouldn't even be in striking range in the 4th quarter. Is this a case of Notre Dame beating them twice or is this a pattern?

Tier movement: -1


Blew out a bad team, so good going.

Tier movement: none

Wake Forest

FCS tune-up. Sorry Spartans, but Wake needs to gear up for next week!

Tier movement: none


This was a miserable game to watch. It was 0-0 midway through the third. Then all of a sudden Rutgers and Syracuse scored a TD within a minute or two of each other. Syracuse played pretty good defense all game, but their offense is in shambles. Get it together Babers, 'Cuse should be way better than this.

Tier movement: none

Boston College

UMass is basically an FCS school, so whatever. This score was probably too close for how bad UMass is.

Tier movement: none

Georgia Tech

Another FCS opponent. 💤

Tier movement: none


Yet another FCS opponent. 🥱

Tier movement: none