2023 Rugby World Cup Predictions 

It's finally here - the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This year's competitions will be hosted by France, which is one of the favorites to win it all. Almost like they have a home field advantage... BUT this is MY site with MY predictions, so let's see how things will Definitely™ turn out. World ranking will be listed next to each name in the pool stage.

Skip Ahead, Bud

Pool A

New Zealand (4)
France (3)
Uruguay (17)
Italy (13)
Namibia (21)

I will disclose here that I know next to nothing about Namibian rugby. But I do know that Uruguay can be surprisingly tough and Italy is .. theoretically better. They played horrifically in the Six Nations, so my expectations are low. New Zealand is going to be at a slight disadvantage against France, HOWEVER, I think they take the pool regardless. Look for Uruguay to upset someone (or not, whatever). 

Pool B

Ireland (1)
South Africa (2)
Tonga (15)
Scotland (5)
Romania (19)

Ireland is coming in HOT after the Six Nations and is pretty flippin' good. South Africa could easily blow this and not make it to the knockout round, but because I'm biased, I'm moving them along. Tonga is going to be the surprise in this group, but I could see them ending up in last just as easily. Scotland SHOULD be good, but they crumble under expectations. BET ON IT. (Is this where I mention that I'm a fan of England? Nahhh)

Pool C

Australia (9)
Fiji (7)
Georgia (11)
Wales (10)
Portugal (16)

Prepare yourself Wales, it's more sadness for the Red Dragons. IF YOU READ THIS BEFORE, you must understand that I've decided Australia is who I am rooting for, so now my "logic" has changed. GO WALLABIES! Portugal is going to be -320 points by the end of this stage.

Pool D

England (8)
Argentina (6)
Japan (14)
Samoa (12)
Chile (22)

Chile is just cannon fodder in this battle. I can't believe they're here and not the USA (18). Not that the Eagles would fare any better, but at least the flag doesn't look like Texas. Japan is much stronger than people recognize and I think they'll give both England and Dirty Tina fits, but ultimately I like the English so they win it. This is all logical and based on rosters, NOT emotion. I swear. 

Knockout Stage

South Africa
South Africa
New Zealand
South Africa

Congrats Ireland, you win in my predictions. BUT NOT IN MY HEART! GO ENGLAND!