2023 Rugby World Cup - Round 2 Quick Takes

Pool A

  • France had a bit of a tougher time with Uruguay, who is a decent team but not on their tier. They're playing to their competition
  • New Zealand got a nice get-right match with Namibia
  • Namibia again proves they do not belong in the RWC

Pool B

  • Ireland is so good. This is their cup to lose
  • Tonga had a rough go in their first match, though it's not going to get any easier
  • South Africa had a bye effectively
  • Romania really doesn't belong in the RWC

Pool C

  • Wales plays to their competition. Their win against Fiji looks better after the Fijans took down Australia, but Wales is a tier above these teams.
  • Huge win for Fiji over Australia. They were being pushed around a bit at times, but really had the right responses at the right times with some clutch turnovers
  • Australia is probably out because of the loss to Fiji. They cannot finish, despite being the better team

Pool D

  • England wore Japan down and showed why they're one of the premier teams in the competition. It was a pretty thoroughly impressive performance by the Roses
  • Japan played hard but doesn't have the depth and stamina to be a real contender at this point
  • Samoa gave Chile the business but it's kind of meaningless given how bad Chile is