The Golden Boog

Each year, our FIERCE COMPETITORS challenge each other in the quest for the coveted Golden Boog award. Think you know how to bet against the spread? THINK AGAIN! But neither do we, and we can prove it by posting one pick each week. Check out the scoring on points pick'em here for more details.


The Golden Boog started because we wanted to test our gambling skills against one another without wagering real money. We're poor and this site has no advertising, so it's your fault. But given that, it needed to have some sort of trophy or award at the end. You can't just say "hey I won once" and not have anything associated with it. Lucky for us, ESPN was enthralling audiences all around with their Innovative Booger Mobile™ that definitely didn't block everyone's view in the stadium and also helped make for seamless and engaging commentary while he was separated from the rest of the booth!

Good luck watching this game


2022 - Milkman [40 points]
2021 - Sunblisters [52 points]
2020 - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID (and me forgetting)
2019 - Crambular [60 points]

Current Season (2023)

Crambular - 10
Sunblisters - 2
Milkman - 2