2023 Rugby World Cup - Round 1 Quick Takes

Pool A

  • France did not let the pressure get to them, dominating the match against New Zealand
  • New Zealand is a young team that looks a bit out of their element, but they have a get-right match with Namibia coming up
  • Namibia doesn't belong in the RWC, unfortunately

Pool B

  • Scotland had a strong showing against South Africa, but lacks the firepower to keep up in the group. 3 points is not going to do it.
  • South Africa struggled a little bit on finishing, particularly in the first half. They need to be better against Ireland.
  • Romania doesn't belong in the RWC.

Pool C

  • Statistically, Fiji should've won the match against Wales. Yet somehow, they were down 32-14 at one point. They need to be better in scrums.
  • Wales cannot let their foot off the pedal like they did against Fiji. They basically went into a shell and nearly lost on it. They need to keep an eye on their discipline.
  • Australia had a dominant first half. They'll need to continue starting strong in these matches. The second half defense was a bit weaker, but they responded extremely well to the Georgian attack.
  • Georgia is suffering from the heat and humidity and needs to get out to a faster start. They looked horrible in the first half, and by the time they scored their first try, the match was basically over.

Pool D

  • The English attack was death by a thousand papercuts. It was a great approach to the match, taking points where they could while down a man from basically the start.
  • Argentina was the biggest disappointment of round 1. They looked unenthusiastic to even be there. Yes, England is a top-tier team, but put SOME effort into it.
  • Chile doesn't belong in the RWC.