College Football

2021 College Football Rankings Week 5-6

It's that time of year. Everyone is so excited to see what LUCK NUNU will rank their team. Prepare yourself, because this is the first set of rankings! We've seen these teams now for 5 weeks - we kinda-sorta know what they're about at this point. So let's GO!

#1 - Georgia Bulldogs

Listen, this pains me to put them here because Florida is probably going to get murdered by them. But if you watch them play, man are they tough. Great defense, decent offense. I think they can go all the way this year which I hope jinxes them and they lose out.

#2 - Alabama Crimson Tide

As if you didn't already know this was coming. Alabama and Georgia look to be headed on a collision course in the SEC title game. 'Bama just won last year, so surely they can't win again this year right!? I hope..

#3 - Penn State Knitting Lions

How real are the State College Cougars? Real enough that they beat Auburn at home. I know Auburn is probably not great, but that's still a solid win. They also took down Wisconsin early, which seemed better at the time. We'll see what happens next week when they face the ...

#4 - Iowa Hawkeyes

WTF kind of rankings are these anyway? It seems like an alternate dimension, but Iowa and PSU play next week. One of them is quite likely to drop down in the rankings a bit. My gut says PSU wins close, but the game is at Iowa. We'll see how things shake out for these newcomers.

#5 - Oklahoma Paperclips 📎

They don't really look that great, but they keep winning somehow. I expect them to lose every week at this point, yet they still win. Will they stay in the rankings all season? Who knows.

#6 - Michigan Wolverines

This probably seems high to most people, but they're playing GREAT defense right now and have proven they can score on a solid defense themselves. They don't have a marquee win yet, but Nebraska should give them some challenges next week. They still have PSU, OSU, and MSU remaining.

#7 - Michigan State Spartans

The Miami win looks less impressive as the season goes and Miami continues to lose, but that was still a statement win. I like their defense and I think their offense is quite good as well. We'll see how this season shakes out.

#8 - Cincinnati Bearcats

They beat Notre Dame on the road, but FSU almost beat ND in the first game of the season. They have no room for error this year and they play some pretty high-scoring teams in SMU and UCF. Let's see if they can stick it out and move up in the rankings.

#9 - BYU Stormin' Mormons

The ASU win looks even better with ASU beating the brakes off of UCLA last night. BYU is the best Pac 12 South team that's not even in the Pac 12 and they still have USC to play later this year. Their schedule isn't super tough, but it's tougher than Cincinnati's. If they win out, I think you have to put them in the playoff conversations.

#10 - Oklahoma State Cowboys

I know what you're thinking: that's not the right OSU! Hear me out though. The Cowboys have been similar to the other Oklahoma team in that they continue to win despite looking like mediocre ... not garbage, but as close to it as you can get without it being garbage. They have no really good wins at this point, but they play Texas in two weeks.

So there you go, that is who the LUCK NUNU staff is watching closely this coming week. Who will rise and who will fall?! The only guarantee at this point is that these B1G teams cluttering the rankings will slap each other around and knock themselves out. Maybe one will escape undinged.

Check back next week to see where YOUR team is ranked (or not).