Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Last Watch Date - October 9, 2022
Total Times Watched - Twice


If you don't know what this movie is, it's a Sam Raimi horror movie. With that said, I think you already know what you're getting from it. It's kinda horror-y with more comedy elements throughout. I've seen this before, but it's been so long that I forgot a bunch of stuff. I am going to preface this mini-view with the fact that this movie is BELOVED by the general horror community (and critics). So, yeah, keep that in mind I guess?

Let's start with the cast here: Justin Long is good in everything but he's a relatively minor character. The fortune teller was pretty solid - I guess all of the mystics were. Alison Lohman was hit or miss as the lead. I know she quit acting to raise her family, but ehhh. Are we really missing out? Not really. Obviously the movie / script isn't really made for amazing performances, but still.

The plot is a bit of a spin on a possession type of story. Instead of a possession, it's a curse. Cool beans! Similar types of things happen. Without spoiling anything, it's a bit predictable and because it's a Raimi movie, it's a bit on the zany side. If you're into that, cool. If not, you're not going to be impressed. I'm not really a big Raimi guy, so you can probably make some assumptions here about how much I enjoyed this as it unfolded.

Pacing was ok, though I think the plot has very little meat on the bone. That makes 99 minutes a bit of a stretch for this. I wish it were about 20 minutes shorter, but I get it. It's very Lohman-centric so there's a lot of time spent with SPOOKY THINGS instead of anything actually happening.


Hmm, it's critically acclaimed but NOT BY THIS CRITIC. It feels kind of boring for most of the movie despite things happening pretty actively. Maybe it's just not my type of thing. Raimi is definitely not my type of director.

5 Buttons out of 10