Underwater (2020)

Last Watch Date - November 27, 2022
Total Times Watched - Once


What do you do when people recommend you a "great underwater sci-fi movie that borders on horror?" Well, you watch it obviously. You go in thinking "this is right up my alley!" You put it on and then realize very quickly this is going to be a predictable romp set in the sea.

Before I dump on this movie, let me tell you some cool things about it. The character interactions felt pretty real and there was good chemistry amongst most of the cast. Emily was the odd character out here, but not to an overly annoying extent. It was kind of like someone you see at a Wal-Mart and they're buying something like Immodium AD and don't want to talk to you. A little bit of recognition mixed with a bit of tension.

The setting is awesome as well. The fun thing about underwater flicks is that you can basically swap out the crushing pressure of the ocean around them for the vacuum of space and still get the same vibes. You're on a "station" and things are going poorly. You can't just drive home. No no no, you're stuck down here with whatever else is there with you.

I didn't know going in that this was a monster movie. I went in blind, but the monsters are revealed basically as soon as the movie starts. Or at least it's hinted that it's "not an earthquake" within minutes. You also hear some rumbling and animal sounds, so spoiler alert- this has monsters. I'm not opposed to a good monster movie, but I also am not the biggest fan of them. It's gotta have some sort of compelling monster AND show it sparingly. This movie had pretty uninteresting monsters and they showed them all the time. Whoops.

The plot here is nothing new as a whole. People are isolated, shit is going down and they need to abandon the station, oh no there is a problem. It's incredibly predictable up to who is going to die and who will live. Spoiler again, people die. You knew this already, so relax.

I wanted to like this movie. It's got a good runtime of around 87 minutes which is RIGHT ON for me. The setting, as I said, is a favorite of mine. It even has Kristen Stewart and I generally like her. It just didn't really do much for me, though. I wish it did.


Nah, it's not worth it.

5 Escape Pods out of 10