Barney Burnam's Wild Boar (2020)

Last Watch Date - February 20, 2021
Total Times Watched - One too many (one)


I knew this movie was going to be bad going in. Look at the name and synopsis and you know it's going to be grim. But ol' Sunblisters of Luck Nunu Sports fame mentioned this to me and said it had pig people. So I guess that's enough to watch. All of the budget and care for this movie went into the costumes I think. If you look up Barney Burnam, you see he won awards for special effects and character design. It shows in this. The pig people are really cool looking. The story is terrible, though, and quite frankly this movie is hard to get through. Not because it's scary or tense, but because it's flat out bad.


No. Don't watch this.

2 Geocaches out of 10