Mini Review

Annihilation (2018)

Last Watch Date - April 20, 2022
Total Times Watched - 1


There's a series of books that tells this story in three volumes, more or less. The same story from differing perspectives. I've been recommended this series for ages and never got around to it. Then this movie came out and people told me things like "you should watch it!" "if only for the bear scene" and "your taste in movies is bad." Two of those apply to this movie.. wait, maybe three? You can be the judge yourself.

Annihilation is simultaneously confusing and pretty, clunky and straight-forward, well-done and amateur. You're definitely curious about it now aren't you!? Some of the effects are GREAT and some of them are Lawnmower Man level. It's crazy how much of a difference there is within the same movie. Did they run out of budget near the end? Natalie Portman is great as usual. The other actors are pretty good, too. It held my attention for most of it, though as it neared its conclusion, it really started to lose me. I should read the books to see if it brings any clarity to what I just watched.

And by the way, the bear scene is kind of stupid.


I think it's a bit too confusing to recommend, but it's ok. I'm indifferent I suppose. Watch it if you want.

6 Mutations out of 10