Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Last Watch Date - September 23, 2020
Total Times Watched - 1


This series has some really great entries and some real clunkers. This one falls more toward the clunker side of things, but it does have some interesting bits. The plot is really silly and is one of those things where you watch a movie and say "I can't even suspend disbelief for this." But if you accept that it's a dumb story and you can accept that you're not going to get any sort of interesting story points, you can sit back and enjoy Alexandra Daddario. Er, uh, what?

To put it short and sweet:
Effects: D-
Plot: F
Alexandra Daddario: A+


Not really. You have to really love the TCM series to get anything out of this one. The murders in it aren't bad, but the effects spoil it and in no time at all, this movie is going to seem incredibly dated. It already sort of does and it's not even 10 years out.

4 Chainsaws out of 10