Dolls (1987)

Last Watch Date - September 21, 2020
Total Times Watched - So many times. Like, probably too many.


This movie has a really stupid story with really bad characters and potentially worse acting. It is truly awful. But you know what? I love it. It has some weird vibes going on with the old people the whole time - you know something is up with them, but you don't know what exactly. I'm still confused as to how they do what they do, but in a movie like this, it's really better not to think about it too much. The two girls who are looking for "antikis" are a the pinnacle of subtle character acting.


If you're asking "should I watch this movie?" the answer is yes. But only if you are prepared to watch something really stupid. Like, REALLY stupid. But also somewhat charming somehow. But definitely STUPID. But fun. But also stupid. Like, incredibly stupid. I warned you.

8 Antikis out of 10