Studio 666 (2022)

Last Watch Date - February 25, 2022
Total Times Watched - 1, it literally came out tonight


While I'm not really a Foo Fighters fan, I do appreciate Dave Grohl especially when he reaches out into the metal and punk world. He had a project called Probot where he wrote tracks for his idols to contribute to and people actually did it. I still listen to that album sometimes. I almost never listen to Foo Fighters.

I only say that because this movie is a Foo Fighters movie, more or less. It's also a horror movie and a comedy of sorts, but it's definitely a Foo Fighters movie. Without getting into details, I'll say that this movie had some pretty amazing effects, kills, and excessive ranch dressing. The acting was about as good as you'd expect from a group of musicians who don't act. A lot of it felt natural, though, and I read some interview with them where they said they did a lot of improv on some loose lines. Mostly because they couldn't remember lines... But it worked! Pat Smear was amazing in this movie. His scream will never not crack me up. The "fake band" they created for this (Dream Widow) has an excellent song to go along with this movie. There's supposed to be a full album or EP coming out soon too. Maybe worth a review..?


Yeah, if you like horror/comedy/music, it's a good flick.

7 Demons out of 10

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