Barbarian (2022)

Last Watch Date - October 25, 2022
Total Times Watched - Once


Given the hype around this movie and the "go in with no idea," I had pretty high hopes. Because this is a "watch it once" type of movie before all of the surprise is gone, I can't review this and reveal any details. So get ready for some VAGUE REVIEW FUN!

The cast in this is pretty small. I'm familiar with Bill SkarsgÄrd and Justin Long, both in horror too! But I wasn't familiar with the female lead. She was pretty good. The other characters were not bad.

The plot is really interesting to start before it gets weird. And then the tone TOTALLY shifts for a solid 15 minutes before it goes back to the weirdness. Oh, and then there was exposition via flashback. Well, some I guess. The story made no sense at all and if you start to think too much about it, it really falls apart fast. I so wish I could rip this thing apart here but all of you (read: no one) readers will be crushed to have spoilers. So here we are. Just know it's stupid.

It's a bit too long, and as I mentioned, the shift in tone really makes it strange. It could've been cut in quite a few different ways to make it tighter and scarier. I don't need the background, it's better being an unknown. I also don't need the intro to Justin Long. It's not important to the story at all.


I watched it so that you wouldn't have to. It's stupid.

4 Airbnbs out of 10

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