College Football

Pac 12 Week In Review

Each conference has their power tier teams, a middle tier, and then.. the rest. The Pac 12 is no different. We'll go tier by tier and see if any teams have shifted each week. Coming into this week, that tiered system went as follows:

Tier 1: Oregon, UCLA

Tier 2: Arizona State, Stanford, USC, Utah, Cal, Colorado, Washington

Tier 3: Oregon State, Arizona, Washington State

Tier 1


Another slow start before winning big by the end. The Ducks are a mystery to me.

Tier movement: none


Good win against Stanford. It was tight late, but they found a way to win.

Tier movement: none

Tier 2

Arizona State

You bring out Sparky and you win. A coincidence?? It probably helps that they played Colorado.

Tier movement: none


They played UCLA really tough. Give them credit for hanging in. But we're not into moral victories!

Tier movement: none


Nice conference win, but it doesn't matter much. They shouldn't win the South. I mean, they still can, but they shouldn't.

Tier movement: none


Washington took down a pathetic Cal team in OT. Congrats on the win, but man these teams are grim.

Tier movement: none

Tier 3

Oregon State

Blew out an FCS team uhhh USC!? Are we underestimating the Beavs or is USC atrocious? Let's hold off on moving them tiers until we see some more.

Tier movement: none


The effects of poor recruiting and player development are showing when Oregon State takes you out back and puts you out of your misery. This USC team is medicore all around.

Tier movement: -1


Cal? More like Sux. GOT EM. They lost in OT to a punchless Washington team who suddenly was throwing haymakers. I don't think they magically got amazing in one week. Cal is bad.

Tier movement: -1


Three in a row, baby! Losing is good, right? At least they beat the FCS team they played...

Tier movement: -1


They played better for 3 quarters, but then regressed to Vandy levels of quality.

Tier movement: none

Washington State

That 14-0 opening they had on USC last week was no mistake -- for USC. It definitely meant nothing for Wazzu who continues to lose.

Tier movement: none