Mini Review

High Noon (1952)

Last Watch Date - August 27, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


The theme song sets this movie up to be completely awful ... because it is awful. But that's the first trick, friend. The acting is typical of this era: melodramatic, unrealistic, "old Hollywood." The age difference between Will Kane and Amy Fowler is somewhat off-putting, but their relationship dynamic is interesting. She's a Quaker, violence doesn't fly! There's an incredible atmosphere in this movie - things feel desperate throughout. It's probably one of the best "old" movies I've watched because of that. Kane's relationship with the townspeople and the town itself is somehow the most interesting relationship in the movie, and I mean that in a good way.


It's from the 50s, so be prepared for a little cheese. But it's a good movie that's definitely worth watching.

7 Revolvers out of 10

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