Eden Lake (2008)

Last Watch Date - September 5, 2023
Total Times Watched - Once


This movie is critically lauded at 80% fresh and 66% audience score. In theory, this should be a really good movie. In practice, I'm not so sure it hits. 

Let's start out with the basics: the cast! Michael Fassbender is in it, he's good. The rest of the cast is fine enough. The hooligans played themselves off well. 

I think my problem comes down to the story. It's not really totally unbelievable, though it's a bit ... antiquated feeling? It plays like some sort of Gypsy PSA from 1534, though they don't explicitly have gypsies in this. It's a bunch of FILTHY POORS being naughty little scoundrels and committing some light murder. Kids do weird stuff and I've read of similar themes in real life, so I'll give that a pass. I guess what I don't give a pass is the actions of the main characters. It's so silly. But they have to do stupid things to propel the movie in the direction the writers wanted. So yeah, pretty stupid stuff going on.

There are better "you're out of your element" movies than this one (namely Ils / Them that came out 2 years earlier). At least this one gets over quickly enough that it's not a drag.


Nah, it's ok, but kind of boring.

4 Jeeps out of 10

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