The Ruins (2008)

Last Watch Date - August 21, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


It's possible that this works better as a novel than a movie, but I have a hard time believing that the villain being plants is good in any format. Nevertheless, let's try to give some feedback on this movie! The acting is not good, though there was the one scene where a girl vomits and her boyfriend immediately kisses her after. That's acting, right?! I'll give the murder vines credit in that their mimic abilities were pretty good. When you think of terrible decisions in a horror movie in terms of tropes, this movie does all of those even though they're against plants instead of a killer or something crazy like a demon. It's just stupid. The ending is mixed and one part is pretty grim, but the VERY END is very predictable.


Hahahahah! Good joke.

2 Cell Phones out of 10

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