Mini Review

The Watch (2012)

Last Watch Date - April 12, 2021
Total Times Watched - One


Well, well, well, another movie I had never heard of and thus had no expectations for. The cast seems like it's going to be an easy hit, but I don't think this movie made any waves. I guess I can see why. There's nothing special about this movie, though it is pretty funny and has some good dumb jokes. There's a lot of crass humor like other Seth Rogen movies (he was a writer on it in case you did not know). Reading some of the background on this, it was retitled "The Watch" from "Neighborhood Watch" because of the Trayvon Martin murder by a neighborhood watch member. Makes sense to change it from a marketing perspective, but I'm positive that had a pretty big impact on people not going to see it.


I don't think it's something you NEED to see, but it's funny enough that I'd watch it again

7 Aliens out of 10