Mini Review

The Replacements (2000)

Last Watch Date - August 19, 2023
Total Times Watched - Good question. At least 3.


HEY LOOK, IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON AGAIN! This seems to be my annual thing. Watch some football movies while I get pumped for a season I'm going to check out on 3 weeks in because the Bears are terrible again. You know what can't disappoint me? Fake football teams like the Washington Sentinels.

There's nothing special about this movie. It follows the same tried-and-true formula that most sports movies follow. This team will never be anything! Look, they don't even get along. Wow, they've bonded over a fight! And now they're working together well. Oh wow, they turned it around and have done well. The only difference in this movie is that they don't stick around at the end. Sorry for spoiling it for you, but you should've known it already.

Keanu is good as always. Brooke Langton is good as the cute cheerleader/love interest. Maybe you could complain about Jon Favreau being so over-the-top but it's kind of expected in this type of movie. Overall, I have no big complaints about the cast.

What really makes a movie like this memorable is the little twists, the chemistry between people, and the "fun" parts of the game action. This one is good with the chemistry, although the script is super hokey. There's no major coach-player tension in this one, unlike so many others, which is kind of refreshing. I also appreciate that the romance part isn't some sort of "we can't do this" "yes we can" sort of thing. It's pretty well established that they are into each other and they follow it. As a side note, I like her pub. I know it's not really her pub, relax. The worst subplot was probably the kicker and HIS pub story. It was too obvious and corny. 


You like football? You like football movies? You like Keanu? You'll probably like this.

5 Scabs out of 10