The Canal (2014)

Last Watch Date - August 26, 2022
Total Times Watched - 1


This movie was recommended to me but I'm not entirely sure why. I do like ghosty things to an extent, but most of them center around a person's descent into madness over grief. Makes sense, right? I mean, it's ghosts. The central part of this plot is not original, but it did it in a way that kept me mostly engaged throughout. The acting got a bit silly at times, but overall it was pretty good. I liked the setting in general; the canal was both peaceful and creepy, and the house looked like a ghost house. If you can bear watching movies that have a kid prominently in them acting, it's not a bad movie. It is unfortunately not scary in any way. Maybe if you believe in ghosts?


No. It's not original or scary enough to recommend.

5 Dinosaurs out of 10

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