The Amityville Horror (1979)

Last Watch Date - September 6, 2020
Total Times Watched - Hmm, let's say 2


This is a classic haunting sort of story based on a "true" story that is total BS. It's one of those things like Texas Chainsaw Massacre where it's loosely based on a real event.. but also in this case, the real event is also totally stupid. The cast is great. Margot Kidder was a gem for sure, and she was great in this movie (.. like all of her movies?). There are some goofy scenes in this and it has some typical 70s pacing issues, but it's ok overall.


Whoo boy, you have to believe in ghosts and the like to really get the most out of this movie. OR suspend belief long enough to get through the movie, I suppose. Or I guess if you dig haunted houses A LOT.

5 Spooky Ghosts out of 10