Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Last Watch Date - September 7, 2020
Total Times Watched - Probably 4 or 5 by now


Great remake of a 50s horror movie. This one is intense from the very start and really never lets up. It has a good mix of 70s cheese and more "modern" effects, especially compared to the 50s version. The character interactions are generally good and the snatched up people are significantly creepy. It starts to get a bit action-y near the end, but it's still great. It holds up on rewatches and maybe gets better each time.


This movie is great for everyone who is of age to enjoy horror. I trust your discretion on this. If you want to show a 5 year old this, that's on you. The cast is great, the pace is tight, and it both starts and ends hard. Give it a watch!

9 Pods out of 10

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