Mini Review

Secretary (2002)

Last Watch Date - December 25, 2020
Total Times Watched - 2 or 3


Why did I watch this on Christmas? It's interesting to see what time did to James Spader in the span of 9 years between this movie and his appearance on The Office in season 8. I had a girlfriend who really liked 80s Spader, even though he was a super douche in pretty much ever movie. I get it, he had a cocksure attitude and bouncy hair. But man, time was unkind. Lucky for me, I always looked awful. Back to this movie - it's not quite a romance, though it sort of wants to be. It's not quite a drama, though it sort of wants to be. It's not quite a comedy, though it sort of wants to be. I'm not sure what it is. And that's what makes it tough to watch and enjoy. I'm not exactly neutral on it, as I think it had more positive points than negative, but it's only very slightly enjoyable.


No. I mean unless you desperately want to see Maggie Gyllenhaal's nude body. It's not a bad movie, but it's also not really very enjoyable.

6 Red Pens out of 10