Prey (2022)

Last Watch Date - August 7, 2022
Total Times Watched - 1


I went into this movie only knowing it was a Predator sequel. Or prequel I guess? Maybe just in the Predator family of movies. Also that it was a Hulu-exclusive, which did give me some pause. Sometimes streaming exclusives are pretty good and well-funded, but a couple Hulu ones I've seen have been of... let's say middling quality. Guess what! This one isn't really THAT much different. Somehow the predator in stealth mode looks worse than it did in the 80s movie. I think it's the way they used hexagonal structures for it instead of the more liquid appearance of the other predator. But let's say that was an innovation in predator design in the years between those movies. Even if we give them that, the close-up of the predator sans mask/helmet/thing is not good. There are also some CGI animals that look pretty awful. I guess that's where budgetary limits come in.

But what about the story itself? This is, yet again, a story you've heard and seen a thousand times before. Woman wants to do something that society says she can't do. She has struggles to get respect, but ultimately gets the respect she deserves by doing the thing they said she couldn't do. Oops, spoiled the plot for you. Just slap a coat of Predator on top of that. That said, the movie had some cool kills and action. The costumes were pretty good, too. Overall, it could've been worse.


I don't think I'd recommend it, but it's not a bad movie. It's just kind of.. done. In multiple ways.

5 Bogs out of 10

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