Mini Review

Porky's (1982)

Last Watch Date - August 29, 2021
Total Times Watched - 3? 4?


This is a classic "coming of age" movie with the zany hijinks you'd expect from the early 80s. Lots of creepy peeping, girlfriend sharing, student banging, and an .. over-the-top revenge story? You know it! Porky is fucking gross. He's unabashedly horrible. I do feel for him a little bit when these goofy little pricks from a nearby high school come in trying to buy sex, but his responses are a little too good ol' boy for his own good. Cue the one-upsmanship and more zaniness. The story isn't really good and the characters are pretty typical of the genre, but this one is an early one. The movie is incredibly dated for a modern audience, so keep that in mind. It does have some funny parts, but so much of it is really hokey humor that they play up too much that doesn't work.


Nope, there are better, more modern movies of its ilk.

4 Glory Holes out of 10