Krampus (2015)

Last Watch Date - December 20, 2022
Total Times Watched - One-point-five?


I watched PART of this movie a couple years ago. I can't remember exactly why I stopped watching it - was it someone calling me?! Did I have something else to do? Was I not in the mood? WHO KNOWS!

It's Christmas and that means Christmas movies. When I can, I prefer to go with a nice horror movie, and GUESS WHAT. This one is sort of horror. It's definitely not scary, but it has great costumes and the cast is wild.

Imagine I told you I had a movie with David Koechner, Adam Scott, Toni Collette, and Conchata Ferrell. And then I told you it's not simply a comedy, but a comedy horror. And it's about Christmas. That's this movie. There are kid actors too, but who cares. The cast is excellent and there are plenty of funny little bits in the movie. Oh yeah, Seth Green and Justin Roiland play characters, too. VOICE ONLY. You can't tell it's them, but it is. Deal with it.

The story is not too different than a lot of Christmas stories, but this one is obviously a bit darker. People disappear and get eaten. All because of one little bastard's wish! I'm not going to go into more detail on the plot. It's not like you're there to see it FOR the plot itself, but still. It's not really a good story if you think about it.

The set design is really nice. I love it all. The costumes are even better. There are some genuinely creepy looking monsters in this with some ok jump scares. But this is more comedy than scares.


Yeah, it's a good holiday movie. It's not a great horror or comedy movie, but it's one of the better Christmas horror/comedy movies out there.

6 Elves out of 10

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