Mini Review

Knives Out (2019)

Last Watch Date - September 6, 2021
Total Times Watched - Once


The cast in this movie is incredible. And all in one! I love this style of movie. It's a mystery about a mystery novelist. He dies and his family fights over the estate. That part happens in real life way too frequently, even if the estate is a bag of potato chips and a stale container of licorice. This is the first time I've seen Ana de Armas and two things: 1) she's a REALLY good actor and 2) uhh, Wow. Chris Evans is really good too, but he's always pretty good. The storyline was interesting and engaging. If you're into "solving the mystery" yourself, it may not be the most fulfilling movie. Sit back and enjoy the story and acting. I enjoyed the flashbacks they used.


Yeah, great movie. Watch it immediately.

9 Nurses out of 10