Mini Review

Judge Dredd (1995)

Last Watch Date - June 28, 2022
Total Times Watched - Hmm, probably only 2


It's been ages since I saw this movie. I mean, like 1996 is probably the last time I saw this. I remembered thinking it was super cheesy and well, it kind of is. Let me give it some credit for the city design and costumes other than Sly's tight wrestling underwear. The judges look pretty cool. The bikes are nicely done. The robot thing is pretty sweet. But it's funny watching this movie's effects compared to The Fifth Element's just a few days apart -- they're only 2 years apart, yet the effects look so much worse in this. By the way, this is potentially Rob Schneider's best role. He's not very good, but you know.. it's Rob Schneider.

All things considered, I did enjoy the movie. The story isn't particularly good and from what I read, it's not really a comic story come to life, but maybe what we would call "based loosely upon" the comic. It's more of a 90s dystopian sci-fi flick than a comic book movie maybe. But you know what, it's good fun.


Yeah, sure. But you've gotta be in the mood for a goofy 90s dystopian movie. Sly is terrible at acting, but it has a 30 year old-ish Diane Lane who is quite nice.

7 Clones out of 10