Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

Last Watch Date - October 23, 2020
Total Times Watched - 5 or so


I remember this movie coming out like it was yesterday. There was such an excitement since it had been 6 years since the last one. This movie gets a lot of flak, undeservedly I think. It's definitely not a great piece of cinema and it's loaded with 90s goofiness, but it's a pretty solid movie. I mean, Paul Rudd is the star of this. How can it be bad? The plot is pretty hard to swallow at times. The theatrical ending is not good or satisfying. Kills are all censored, which makes it feel like you're being cheated a little bit. Also Michael looks funny in this one.


If you liked 4 and 5, this is an obvious watch. This is the conclusion of the Thorn storyline, though the movie is very weird in many ways.

5 Þ out of 10