Jason X (2001)

Last Watch Date - October 28, 2020
Total Times Watched - 3, maybe 4


Have you ever seen the 90s series' Hercules or Xena? This has very similar vibes. Like a low budget SyFy series. Lexa Doig is pretty good in this movie. The acting on the whole is very over-the-top and silly. The story is, too.. obviously? There are some good kills in here, but some are repeats of previous movie kills. There are love bots in this - FEMME BOTS!!! While technically a horror movie, it really doesn't have the atmosphere of one. It's not creepy or scary at any point. It's pretty funny in parts.


You have to be in a specific mood to watch this and enjoy it. Accept that it's not really a Friday movie in tone and let yourself embrace Space Jason.

5 Androids out of 10