Wrong Turn (2003)

Last Watch Date - October 30, 2020
Total Times Watched - 3-5


Rollin' with the homies Part 2 - it's Jeremy Sisto! Eliza Dushku is pretty solid in this role because her overacting kind of fits the genre. I remember seeing this in theaters when it came out and not being disappointed. Every time I watch it again, I think "this should have some sequels" and then I realize it does and I think every single one is a direct-to-video release.. Probably better that I haven't seen them at this point. Anywho, the pacing is great. The movie is pretty entertaining from start to finish and the acting works. It's nothing revolutionary, but it's a good entry into the horror genre.


If you enjoy hillbillies and semi-believable scenarios for a "fish out of water" group stuck in the mountains, it's a good time.

7 Inbred Hillbillies out of 10