Hatchet III (2013)

Last Watch Date - September 27, 2020
Total Times Watched - 1


Somehow Hatchet III starts out better than Hatchet II. This is day 3 of the saga, and at least this time we have the same actress showing up from the previous installment. The cheese is ramped up a bit on this one, with a whole SWAT team being involved. Even though we learn he's some sort of ghost that revives every night? It makes sense, you just don't get it. It ends on a sort of cliffhanger?


If you liked Hatchet, regardless of how you felt about Hatchet II, you'll like this one. It's better than II by a good amount. All of the missteps II takes, III manages to avoid. It does venture more into action territory, though, so be warned.

6 Hatchets out of 10