Turistas (2006)

Last Watch Date - March 21, 2022
Total Times Watched - 4? 5? 6?


There was a period of time there where horror movies had to go to some foreign country and make it look super sketchy. Not that Brazil doesn't have its super sketchy parts that we are aware of, but the things in this movie ..?

Given the cast, you'd really expect more from this. The plot is kind of hokey, though maybe it's the same rough story in a new location. I always find it odd when horror movies have a pair of siblings in them, but maybe it's a shortcut to having characters who care about one another without having to bulid that relationship on screen. Seems kinda cheap to me. That said, there are some interesting parts to this and the locations are really pretty. It seems to be trying to tell us NOT to travel there while simultaneously making us want to travel there. Get your shit together, movie! The villain in this movie is a highly questionable, paper-thin joke. The acting is pretty good, but I already said they have a good cast. Relax, ok? TURISTAS, GO HOME!


Want to scare yourself out of a vacation to a new place? Maybe you just want to relive the mid-00s and check out a young Olivia Wilde. I would probably say not to bother and watch something else, though.

5 Kidneys out of 10

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